Heroes Championship

Greystone Tiger-Rock 07/13/20

We are so proud of all our competitors. For many, this was their first tournament. To step on the mat in front of judges and perform your best is a skill that all competitors have to learn, and it's not easy! Our competitors stepped up and brought home lots of hardware, the payoff for their hard work week in and out on the Alabaster mats. We could not be more proud of each and every one of you!

Cubs -- Joey

Joey High Block
Joey Knifehand
Joey Obstacle Course
Joey Board Break -- Click for Video!

White and Yellow Juniors -- Olivia

Olivia Chamber
Olivia Punch -- Click for Forms Video!
Olivia Sidekick -- Click for Board Breaking Video!
Olivia Front Kick

Green and Blue Juniors Mat A -- Lucian

Forms -- Action Shots!

Lucian High Block -- Click for Forms Video!
Lucian Sidekick
Lucian Knife Hand
Lucian Punch