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A world-class training program, incredible instructors, individualized opportunities, flexible class times, and a great location are some of the reasons Tiger-Rock is the place for you. 

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3 World Class Martial Arts Lessons, an on-the-mat uniform and a performance evaluation by our lead Instructor.

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"Excellent instructor who truly cares about the growth of the students and helping them improve with every class. We are blessed to be part of this family! He makes workouts fun and keeps the kids and grown ups energized!"

- Sheila M, Birmingham, AL 

Excellent instructor! He is wonderful with even the most inattentive kid. Always positive, informative and uplifting. In the last 7 months I've seen my son's confidence soar, his behavior became positive and much more determined to succeed! Highly recommend!

-Stephanie H, Alabaster, AL

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