Tiger Rock Martial Arts is commited to the safety of our instructors and members. For this reason, we have put the following precautions into place:

- All classes will be 40 minutes in length. This is to ensure adequate cleaning time before and after each class. We will be using a modified schedule through the duration of the pandemic. 

- All shared surfaces, seating areas, and training equipment will be effectively cleaned and sanitized after each use.

- Students will be assigned equipment to use for the duration of their class. This will ensure there is no cross-contact of material or equipment. All equipment will be sanitized after each use.

- Tiger Rock staff will follow all social distancing guidelines as set forth by local government agencies and the CDC. We will minimize contact wherever possible to avoid unnecessary exposure to germs and potential virus.

- If students are sick or presenting with symptoms of Covid-19 such as fever, cough, body ache or chills, they will be asked to leave the facility immediately and will not be allowed to enter the building. 

Schedule Starting 6/18/20