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Our Master Instructor

Parrish Spates, 6th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Spates has been practicing martial arts for almost two decades and brings a comprehensive knowledge of martial arts techniques and Tiger-Rock's unique R15E curriculum to Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Alabaster. He began his career at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Greystone, and has been involved in every step of the development, vision and opening of the Alabaster location. With over a decade of experience teaching all ages, he epitomizes Tiger-Rock's world-class, student-oriented mission. His passion for improving the lives of his students is visible every time he steps on the mat.

Mr. Spates began as a junior martial arts student, testing himself in front of his peers, instructors and mentors as he rose through the ranks of colored belts. As a black belt, he continued his life-long learning, added a passion for teaching, and successfully competed at Tiger-Rock's highest levels. In July 2020, Mr. Spates was granted his Sixth Degree Black Belt and Master status by testing and competing in front of a panel of Grand Masters. Mr. Spates has pushed himself to become not only an incredible martial artist, but also a top-notch instructor of the next generation of students. 

Our Amazing Academy

Academy Exterior

Opened in September 2019, we are the newest Tiger-Rock facility in the Birmingham area. Our facility was designed to provide the best environment to safely learn Martial Arts and to provide parents and friends the ability to watch with confidence and comfort.

We are designed around an open floor concept. Storefront windows allow natural light into the academy from the front and spectators are separated from the mat by almost floor to ceiling panels of safety glass. The goal is to create the most open and safe environment possible.

TRMA Alabaster Logo

While our design is exceptional, our purpose is to teach martial arts. We have outfitted our exercise floor with heavy bags, target pads, blockers, board holders, and exercise equipment. The walls are lined with hand bars to help teach our students proper technique, and we made sure to have plenty of open floor space for drills, sparring, and forms! Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Alabaster is outfitted with multiple bathrooms and water fountains for our students' convenience as well.

We are well stocked to create the best environment to teach our passion and for our students to explore the benefits of Martial Arts. We are proud of what we have created and we love to show it off to our students and community!

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Our Dedicated Membership

2023 School Poster

Our Leadership Team

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Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Alabaster ~ 136 Market Center Drive, Alabaster AL 35007 ~ 205-624-4418