We have great news for our members: an exciting opportunity to allow your children to get a taste for competition in a safe and local arena!

The Heroes Championship will take place July 13-17th at GREYSTONE TIGER ROCK ACADEMY on Hwy 280. The Greystone academy is only about 30 minutes from Alabaster!

The tournament is open to ALL AGE GROUPS, INCLUDING CUBS and will include Forms, Board Breaking and Sparring. Rings will be kept very small and exposure will be kept to a minimum. We are spreading it out over the course of a week so as to only allow small numbers of people in the building at a time.

Tiger-Rock has partnered with our heroes on the front lines and is donating a portion of the proceeds to health-care workers who have been working tirelessly to ensure our safety.

Consider this opportunity as a great learning experience and first step to competition. Competing against others and learning to be judged and to win or lose is a valuable skill to have both on and off the mat. This small, intimate, setting will be perfect for anyone not sure of how the process works.

To register, visit www.tigerrockevents.com,Click Heroes Championship, and choose the Alabaster Academy. Please note, it will say we are competing at HOOVER, but this is incorrect. We will compete at Greystone Tiger-Rock. Fill out the registration form and then PLEASE EMAIL MR. SPATES so we can verify that your name is on the list. Mr. Spates has copies of the schedule available in the academy, please speak to him for details on when you will need to report for competition!

Click on the Tiger-Rock Banner below to register or the belt level graphic to get more details about what the competition will entail for each group! Please let us know if you have any questions and good luck to all our competitors!

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