Register for the National Tournament!

February marks the beginning of our National Tournament Cycle. We are excited to announce our National Tournament will be held at the Chelsea Community Center in Chelsea, AL on March 13th, 2021. The National Tournament is a great event with competition between seven Tiger-Rock Academies in the Birmingham and Huntsville areas. Ring sizes are generally larger than the Fall District Tournament, making Nationals a challenging environment for all competitors! All Tiger-Rock members are eligible to compete, from Tiger Cubs through Adult Black Belts. For more information about how to sign up:

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Nov 2020 Districts

2021 Nationals

Why Compete?

- Tournaments gives students an opportunity to learn to compete in a safe and productive manner, building character and self-efficacy.

- Students learn to win with grace and lose with dignity. They learn to get up and try again.

- Students are challenged against new opponents. When we spar against the same people all the time, we learn how they move and react. New opponents gives us new learning opportunities.

- Overcoming fears: putting yourself out there is a hard but extremely valuable life skill.

- Students build confidence. Even when losing, confidence is gained when children and adults feel empowered to try.

- IT'S FUN! It's such a rush knowing you are going out there to do your absolute best at what you've trained to do! 

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