Senior Grand Master Craig Kollars

Senior Grand Master Craig Kollars is the highest-ranking black belt (9th Degree) in Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International. He started his 47-year study in martial arts in 1969. Mr. Kollars first started instructing students in 1971 in Yankton, South Dakota. He then went on to instruct at the University of Nebraska TaeKwonDo Club while attending college there.

After graduation from the University of Nebraska in 1976, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education and additional major course work in Prevention and Care of Athletic Injury and Wildlife Management, Mr. Kollars headed to Birmingham, Alabama in search of a location for his first TaeKwonDo center. As one of the founders of the International TaeKwonDo Alliance, now known as Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International, Sr. GM Kollars has instructed thousands of students over the last 41 years. Dedicated to helping Tiger-Rock expand, he has owned and operated 17 TaeKwonDo centers.


Grand Master Craig Kollars has trained with and has been influenced by the following:
• G.M. Won Kuk Lee (Founder of TaeKwonDo and Chung Do Kwan)
• G.M. Haeng Ung Lee
• G.M. He-Young Kim
• G.M. Dale Craig
• G.M. Bert Kollars
• G.M. Art Monroe
• G.M. Choong-Soo Lee
• G.M. Pu-gil Kwon
• G.M. Hee-il Cho
• G.M. In-Mok Kimm
• G.M. Soon Ho Lee
• S.M. James Bailey
• S.M. Marv Conway

Grand Master Kollars was inducted into the United States TaeKwonDo Grandmasters Society (USTGS) in May of 2009 during ceremonies held in Chicago, IL.

Along with G.M. Art Monroe of New Orleans, LA and G.M. Bert Kollars of Dakota Dunes, SD, G.M. Craig Kollars is one of the first non-Korean inductees into this prestigious group. The mission of the United States Taekwondo Grandmasters Society, Inc. is to preserve and promote the tradition of action philosophy as Taekwondo education and to manage the superior national governing organization of Taekwondo in the United States.