October 2020 Junior White and Yellow Belt Testing

Another milestone for our Academy! Watching this sea of White and Yellow Belts exceed expectations and conquer testing was a proud moment for all of us. For those moving on to Green Belt and the new challenges of sparring and forms, we know you will do well. For those moving forward to Yellow, we are excited to watch you grow and improve your newfound skills!

m&s kicking
boys forms

boys forms 2
girls kicking

c kick
c kick 2
c knee

charlie form
charlie form 2
charlie kick

double form

duane kick
duane kick 2
eli kick

eli kick 3
gabe kick
greyson kick

greyson kick 2
greyson form
greyson kick

greyson kick 2
jack kick
jack kick 2

jack punch
josh form
josh kick

mackenzie kick
mackenzie kick 2
maycen form

m & d

maycen kick
micah kick
micah kick 2

olivia kick
payton form
savannah kick

savannah kick 2
stephanie form

tyler kick
tyler kick 2

triple form

One of the hardest parts of testing is knowing you are being judged. Having those eyes locked on to your performance is a true test of character. Sometimes it gets even harder and you have to stand and perform by yourself. Kenny stood tall at testing Thursday night, performing all his skills alone on the mat at the very end of testing. We reward effort and execution, so please click on the links below to see what the judges saw from Kenny's solo Yellowbelt testing!

kenny form
Kenny's Form
kenny one steps
Kenny's One-Steps
kenny contact skills
Kenny's Contact Skills

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