October 2020 Junior Colored Belt Testing

Our Juniors Colored Belts rocked this testing. From our Green Belts getting their first tastes of testing sparring to Tiger-Rock Alabaster's first Junior Blackbelt, this group showed up and showed off on the mats this cycle and that effort showed at testing!

GREEN and BLUE Belts

first four form
benton kick
benton spar

boston spar
boston kick

form 2
brayden spar
brayden kick
boston jump
benton form
grady spar
jack kick
jack spar
lucien spar
lucien kick
lucien spar 2
savannah board
savannah kick
savannah spar
story jump
story spar
story kick

Click Below to See Blue Belt Grady Rock his Board Breaks!

grady boards

BROWN and RED Belts

paul jump
john jump

john kick
paul kick

paul boards
john spar

Click Below to See a Clip of John and Paul Sparring!

sparring video

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