June 2021 Junior White and Yellow Belt Testing

Last testing I wondered how our White and Yellow Belts would top what they did in April. This testing they showed me! What an incredible performance from our White and Yellow Belts. The instructors were treated to Spectacular Forms, technical Contact Skills, and strong Bag Sparring. We could not be more proud of this group, from those earning their first promotion to those moving on to Green Belt, this was a night to remember. Congratulations!

wy group

ben kick
blayre kick

braylan kick 2
bryson kick 2

caleb back
chase and lucia

dan kick
gana and daniel

chase kick
grayson 2

hudson kick 1
gana kick

juliana 2
kourtland kick

hudson lyons
lucia kick

riley kick 1
lyons kick

hudson 2
grayson 1

juliana 1
riley 3

lyons inst
lucia jump

kourtland 2
gana inst

daniel punch
chase inst

caleb kick 2
bryson kick 1

braylan jump
blayre 2

ben inst

Click the pictures below to have a judges' eye view of our students giving their all at testing. Check out these forms!

forms group 1

forms group 2

forms group 1

forms group 4

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