June 2021 Junior Blue through Black Belt Testing

We had a solid showing from our Junior Blue through Black Belts Testing this cycle. As our Academy grows, this group will grow in both numbers and impact as well. This group came in ready to prove they earned their next belts, and from a newly minted Black Belts down to our new Blue Level 2s, they all pushed themselves to the limit. We couldn't be more proud!

caroline spar
grayson spar 2
jack h kick
jack k kick 2
lucian kick
mackenzie spar
paul kick
savannah kick 1
savannah morris spar 1
mackenzie and paul jump
lucien spar
jack k boards
savannah morris kick
savannah meinberg kick 2
jack h kick 2
mackenzie kick
paul spar
grayson spar
caroline jump
jack k spar

Sometimes at Testing you have to go it alone. Jack Knezek stood alone at Red Level 3, testing for his First Degree Level 1 Black Belt. With all eyes on him, watch his first Contact Skill!

 CS Video Link

Jack and Paul have sparred brother vs brother more times than we can count. But with Jack testing for his First Degree Level One Black Belt, Paul was not going to let him have it easy. Watch our two highest ranking Juniors spar below!

Jack and Paul Sparring Link

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