February 2021 Junior Green Belt Testing

Our Junior Green Belt class has grown so large we had to break them out into their own testing. We put the spotlight on them and asked them to live up to our expectations. They gave us all that we asked for and more. We couldn't be prouder of this group. These students are all ours, from White belt up they started here in Alabaster and they have worked for everything they've gotten, and we couldn't be more proud of each and every one of them!

brayden kick
charlie jump
devon boards
dwayne kick
savannah form 1
eli punch
grayson kick3
banner savannah stepanie
greyson other jump
jack spar
banner payton dwayne
banner grayson josh
josh kick
kenny brayden kick
mackenzie kick
maycen spar
mica kick 2
olivia boards
payton kick
stephanie kick
tyler spar 3
charlie kick2
savannah form 2
devon jump
eli kick
greyson kick
greyson other kick 2
jack kick 2
josh spar
kenny kick 2
kohen jump
mackenzie jump
maycen kick 1
mica and grayson
olivia kick
tyler jump
charlie spar 2
greyson kick 2
greyson other kick
jack kick
josh kick 2
kenny kick
kohen spar
maycen kick 2
savannah form 3
mica kick 3
olivia boards 2
tyler apr

Click Below to See Our Green Belts Rocking Their Form!

Form Video Link

Click Below to See a Clip of Our Green Belts Sparring!

sparring video

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