August 2021 Cubs Testing

What a great night for our Cubs! They showed off kicks, blocks, stances, jumps, ran an obstacle course and broke two wooden boards. They worked hard for their new belts, and we couldn't be more proud of each and every one of them!

We are proud to announce a very special congratulations to Tiger Cubs Ezra Caudle and Makayla Ethridge. Ezra and Makayla become Tiger-Rock Alabaster's newest Cub Black Belts! These two martial artists show up to every class with a huge smiles, great attitudes, and both work incredibly hard. They have become outstanding leaders in our Cubs program.  We couldn't be more happy to tie on their well-earned Cubs Black Belts!

ezra instructors
ezra kick
Click Above to Watch Ezra Rock Our Obstacle Course!

makayla instructors
makayla jump kick
Click Above to Watch Makayla Rock Our Obstacle Course!

adeline block
daniel jump

jace kick
jeremy board

olivia and daniel obstacle

makayla jump
matthew block

ezra board
olivia jump

ezra and matthew obstacle

riley jump
rush board

ezra stance
olivia kick

preston jump
riley punch

rush jump
adeline obstacle

jace stance
jeremy kick

ledger stance
makayla stance

cubs banner

matthew jump
rush kick

ledger block
preston block

ezra belt
preston belt
ledger belt

adeline belt
daniel belt
jeremy belt

makayla belt
matthew belt
olivia belt

riley belt
rush belt

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