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August 2020 Junior White and Yellow Belt Testing

Some of our newest students rocked their latest testing. These 6 through 10 year olds spent 8 weeks pushing hard to take some of their first steps in a martial arts lifestyle. In addition to physical fitness training, they learned new stances, new kicks, new steps, and new punches. Then we upped the difficulty pushing them to put these skills together in both the first section of their form and in one-step sparring drills. We are incredibly proud of their hard work and progress and can't wait to see how they will surpass the high bar they set this cycle over the next 8 weeks!

Want your 6 through 10 year old to work out physically and mentally? Learn self-control and life skills? Feature in our mat photos?


Rocking Contact Skills
Rocking Contact Skills
Sharp Forms
Powerful One-Step Sparring

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